Rory Leishman
The long-feared perils of state education
National Affairs correspondent Rory Leishman warns of the dire consequences of losing independent schools, which would result in the handing over of our young to a degrading and amoral system which fundamentally corrupts.

Theresa Smyth
Praying for my neighbours
Recently appointed director of Toronto’s Aid to Women Theresa Smyth reveals the lurking compassion in her neighbours at the abortuary, and asks that we pray that they give into their true conscience and turn away form their horrendous work.

Educational choice: Tory’s approach is wrong
Empower parents, not school boards. here

MMP is not a litmus test
We need better politicians, not a new system. here

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Proportional representation
On Oct. 10, Ontario voters will decide the future of the province’s electoral system in a referendum.

In wake of same-sex ‘marriage,’ polygamy now raising its head (Hillary White) - As predicted, the redefining of marriage ushered in a snowballing-effect in declining societal mores and family values, including polygamy.

HPV vaccine: echoes of HRT (Natalie Hudson)
Natalie Hudson examines the severe and numerous repercussions of the HPV vaccine.

HPV vaccine: 21st century snakeoil (Paul Tuns)
Paul Tuns reviews the fatal effects and potential repercussions of releasing the HPV vaccine on developing teens.

Is it ever as simple as black and white?
Commentary Doug McManaman
- Doug McManaman explores the moral ambivalence of a culture bent on relativism, effectively excusing itself from prudent judgment.

Priest guides flock in pro-life, pro-family direction
Pete Vere discusses the pro-life and pro-family activism of Fr. Jaroslaw, a priest who sees to it that the truth of the pro-life cause is heard by those who follow him.

Not Dead Yet standing at forefront of the anti-euthanasia battle - Alex Schadenberg - An interview with Diane Coleman, founder of the disability right’s group ‘Not Dead Yet’.

Dynamic weekend experiences planned for women
(Carolyn Wilker and Jane Harris ) - Two conferences for women are planned by ‘Women Alive’, in order to empower women in a positive way in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

Infiltrating the infiltrators - (Samantha Singson) Our correspondent attends a pro-choice conference, and discusses how the ‘other side’ views the modern pro-life movement.

Capilano College pro-lifers take case before B.C. rights tribunal - (Theresa Matters) - Youth Issues Correspondent Theresa Matters discusses a situation in B.C. in which a pro-life club was repeatedly denied status at school, and therefore took their case before a human rights tribunal.

Charities backing deadly research on embryos
(interim staff) Canadian Diabetes Association is in complete support of embryonic stem cell research, seemingly in conflict with the group’s own mission statement.

NAU could further endanger life and family: author
(Tony Gosgnach) -
Dr. Jerome Corsi warns of a potential Canada-U.S.-Mexican ‘merger’, saying that the European Union has enabled radical liberals to advance their cause.

A holistic approach to the pro-life philosophy
(Tony Gosgnach) - Co-founder and president of ‘Healing the Culture” Camille de Blasi seeks to address the spiritual, emotional, and psychological health of individuals in our culture.

Award-winning film with pro-life theme being released this month - Peter J. Smith - Toronto People’s Choice Award winning movie “Bella” breaks through contemporary culture with a distinctly pro-life message.

Kennedy was a culture warrior - The Interim remembers the ministry of Evangelist D. James Kennedy.

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